Research Guidance

• Recognized guide for Ph.D Programme in Computer Science and its Applications, University of Madras since 1992.
• Recognized guide for Ph.D Programme in Computer Science and its Applications, Mother Teresa University,Kodaikanal since 2004.
• Recognized guide for Ph.D Programme in Computer Science and its Applications, Dr.MGR University of Madras since 2005.
• Recognized guide for Ph.D Programme in Computer Science and its Applications, Vels University of Madras since 2007.
• Recognized guide for Ph.D Programme in Computer Science and its Applications, Anna University since 2011.

The following candidates have obtained Ph.D degress in computer science under my guidance and Supervision in the following titles.

S.No Name Year of obtaining PhD University Title of the Thesis
1 Dr. T. Santhanam Nov-2002 University of Madras The validation of a computer simulation model using spectral analysis
2 Dr. Shanthi Nov-2002 University of Madras Generating Lexically cohesive text using systematic grammar and lexical relations
3 Dr. N. Rama Feb-2003 University of Madras A study of cryptographic algorithms and their implementations to real time problems
4 Dr.A. Iyamperumal May-2009 Dr. MGR University Combinational optimization by Parallel, Adaptive and Quantum Simulated Analyzing
5 Dr.L.Josephine Mary July-2010 Dr. MGR University A Model of Architecture for Security with particular reference to Multi-party Transaction
6 Dr.R.Latha Jan-2011 Dr. MGR University A study on simulation based performance evaluator for the reduction of communication overhead and load balancing
7 Dr.K.Sathyanarayana Feb-2011 Dr. MGR University A Study of recommender system on different perspection
8 Dr.M.Sundara rajan Feb-2011 Dr. MGR University A Study on effective information retrieval using disambiguator selector algorithm
9 Dr.V.N.Rajavarman Feb-2011 Dr. MGR University Significant Genetic Algorithm factors in feature selection, rule discovery and the use of statistical tools in optimization
10 Dr.D.Pugazhenthi Oct-2010 Dr. MGR University A Study on Unbalanced Data Clustering Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Problem Reduction in Structure Based Drug Design System
11 Dr.Usha Madhuri Sep-2012 Dr. MGR University A study on clustering analysis using Matrix and Sequence Optics
12 Dr.Ramamoorthy Jul-2012 Dr. MGR University Hybrid reliable and secured prediction model for self-healing systems
13 Dr.Aruna Sep-2013 Dr. MGR University Hybrid biomarker selection and semi supervised learning algorithm for effective disease detection
14 Dr.Kumara Guru Dec-2013 Dr. MGR University Machine learning approach for process optimization
15 Dr.Flora Jan-2009 Mother Terasa University A Study on the retrieval of Multimedia Data suing natural Language Processing Techniques
16 Dr.R.Radha Jul-2009 Mother Terasa University Fuzzy Leased Data Mining for Effective decision support in Bio-medical applications
17 Dr.S.Jayalakshmi Oct-2009 Mother Terasa University Parallel simulated annealing and fuzzy clustering for effective decision support in Bio- medical Applications
18 Dr.K.Shyamala Sep-2010 Mother Terasa University A study on data mining techniques using Higher educational system for efficient prediction
19 Dr.Vidyaathulasiraman Sep-2010 Mother Terasa University An Integrated Approach to network security
20 Dr.Sudha Simon Aug-2010 Mother Terasa University A study on the structure of States and Maps for Quantum Information and Quantum Computational Algorithms
21 Dr.Devi Nov-2012 Vels university Profiling methodology with reference to customer lifetime value, relationship, satisfaction and behavior using data mining techniques
22 Dr.Sumathy Eswaran Apr-2013 Vels university Membership Identification of Biological Components Using SRLCS Model
23 Dr.Arun Raaza Jun-2013 Vels university Bean Steerable Antenna for UWB system
24 Dr.S.Niranjanan Apr-2014 Vels university A Study on Time Optimization for Retrieving Images Using Colour
25 Dr.R.Nagasubramanian May-2014 Vels university A Study on Enhancements in Online Payment System
26 Dr.V.SaiShanmugaraja Jan-2015 Dr. MGR University A Robust Lung Segmentation Using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
27 Dr.C.Laitha Jun-2015 Vels university Determination of Deforestation Factors Using Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing Data and Spatiotemporan Multiple Level Association Rule Mining
28 Dr.Amutha Devi Jun-2016 Anna university Development of Medical Imaging Based on High Performance Computer Algorithm for Clinical Diagnosis
29 Dr.Pradeep Kumar Sahoo Nov-2016 Anna university Relevant Information Extraction For Text Data in Web Content Mining
30 Dr.Sathya Priya Feb-2017 Anna university Ensuring Security in Mobile Adhoc Network Using Trust Model
31 Dr.B.Sreedevi Aug-2017 Anna university Classification Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Machine Learning Techniques
32 Dr.SU.Suganthi Nov-2017 Anna university Multiswarm Optimization Based Clustering Using Wireless Sensor Networks
33 M Babu Sep-2018 Anna university Improvement of Data Classification pertaining to Heart Diseases using Hybrid Optimization Technique
34 Dr. S Jagan Sep-2018 Anna university Positive improvements in Query Recommendation System using Query flow graph with Metaheuristic Techniques
35 Mohandoss 2018 Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute A Hybrid Heart Disease Prediction System using Evolutionary Datamining Algorithms
36 N Kalyana Sundaram Oct-2018 Vels University Performance Analysis of Energy Saving in Cloud Environment
37 Sumitra Gavaskar 2018 Anna university Certificateless Signcryption in Network Security
38 Dr.J Sujatha Oct-2018 Vels University Identification of Parkinson Disease using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
39 Dr. RJ Suji Oct-2019 Satyabama Institute of Science and Technology Hybrid Algorithm proposed to detect Oral and Breast Cancer
40 Dr.Manickam 2019 Anna university A Novel Heuristic Trust Based Cloud Scheduling Architectures
41 Pachhaiammal M Oct-2019 Anna university Multiple Particle Swarm Optimization selection tecnique for FMRI classification of Schizophrenia patients
42 Elanthamilan 2019 Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute A Robust IRIS Recognition System using Image Data Partitioning and Artificial Neural Network
43 T Muralidharan 2018 Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute Usage of Hybrid Extensive Machine Learning Algorithm HEMLA for Domain Specific features to Detect and Classify Web Spam
44 Femina - Anna university In Progress - Medical Image Processing
45 Shanthi - Satyabama Institute of Science and Technology In Progress
46 Alice - Anna university In Progress
47 Rajalakshmi P - Vels University In Progress
48 S Nirmala Devi - Bharath University In Progress
49 K Gurunathan - Anna university In Progress
50 Antony Xavier Bronson - Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute In Progress

Recognized guide for M.Phil. Programme
• since 1984, University of Madras,
• since 1997, Mother Teresa University and
• since 2000, Manonmaniam Sundaranar / Madurai Kamaraj university/ Periyar university.

More than 169 candidates obtained M.Phil degree in Computer Science under my guidance.

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• University of Madras since 1987 and Indira Gandhi National Open University since 1991.
• 285 students of MCA and 196 students of MBA have completed their projects with commendable grades.